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Vincenzo  Raimondi, biologo marino sommzzatore, siciliano

Vincenzo Raimondi

He graduated in Marine Biology in 2010 from the University of Palermo. He has been the holder of a scholarship banned by the CoNISMa on the theme "Maintenance and monitoring of transplants with Posidonia oceanica" within the Project PON03PE_00203 - MARINE HAZARD. It has a contract of collaboration with the University of Palermo Department of Earth and Sea Sciences (DiSTeM) within the project S.E.POS.S.O. on the theme "Monitoring of 4 reforestation plants along the Italian coasts. Measurements and samples related to the performance of Posidonia oceanica transplants in the reforestation plants of Civitavecchia, Follonica Ischia and Augusta".

He has obtained the qualification of O.T.S. (Underwater Technical Operator) with OPITO-BOSIET certification (Basic Offshore Saftey Induction and Emergency Traing) carrying out both in Italy and abroad inshore and offshore underwater works (laying of cables, umbilicals and underwater structures, underwater cutting, welding, underwater repairs, visual inspections and videotaping).


He has also carried out maintenance and management activities for shark aquariums at the Siam Park aquarium in Tenerife (Spain) and has acquired experience in the construction, maintenance and monitoring of reforestation plants with Posidonia oceanica, in sampling and analysis with particular reference to the prairies of P. oceanica, in coastal marine water monitoring techniques and sediment core drilling.

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