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Advanced technologies applied to aquatic ecosystems
monitoaggio e contriollo ambientale
ripristino di fonadli marini degradati
stuidi di impatto ambientale
rilievi acustici ad alta risoluzione
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Environmental assessment and monitoring 
Restoration of degraded seabeds
Environmental impact studies
High Resolution Acoustic Surveys
Maintenance and management of underwater pipelines

Analysis of water bodies and editing and implementation of monitoring plans in water, sediments and organisms

Soil and water bio-engineering applied to the restoration of degraded seabeds.

Support for the planning of maritime works in the framework of E.I.A. and S.E.A.

Stratigraphic, bathymetry, morphological and R.O.V. surveys.

Video-inspection and inspection of subsea pipelines of sewage treatment plants

The patented anchoring module

Designed, developed and produced in partnership with IDEA Srl, it is an innovative modular system in the field of reforestation of degraded marine environments. The structure, made entirely of bioplastic material (Mater-Bi), allows the quick and effective fixing of Posidonia oceanica cuttings on the seabed, guaranteeing both rooting and growth at reduced costs and following the natural development dynamics of the plant.

Code of Ethics

Biosurvey carries out all its activities in full compliance with ethical principles and models of conduct, with the aim of establishing and maintaining trustworthy relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and environment. For this purpose, the Company adopts socially responsible behaviours such as:

Fair competition
Value of human resources and protection of people
Privacy Policy

Our customers

We collaborate with national and international company on environmental projects.

Palermo, Posidonia oceanica impiantata nel mare di Mondello

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Save the Seeweed a project within Italy-Croatia, EU Interreg, SASPAS, for transplanting Posedonia to damaged areas. The project is organized by Selc & Biosurvey from Italy and Sunce from Croatia. The site is in Kornati National Park.

PON Research and Innovation 2014-2020

Biosurvey is a partner of the project PON Research and Innovation 2014-2020 - Area of specialization: Blue growth - entitled "Off-shore Platform Conversion for Eco-sustainable Multiple Uses (PlaCE)".

RaiUno Green Line

Saturday, February 16 at 12:20 do not miss the episode of Green Line on Rai 1. A space will be dedicated to #biosurvey and our reforestation activity.

PON Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013

Biosurvey is a third party in the project PON01_03112 entitled: "Advanced environmental sustainable technologies aimed at reclaim and restore degraded marine coastal areas (TETIDE)".